We   will   try   to   fully   document   every   step   of   developing   MAGIC   along   the   way.   Starting   off   with   our   cross-bred   herd   that   was described earlier, Gir and “C.A. Sansão” will increase their influence in the herd´s genetics from year to year. If you are interested in numbers and statistics and more details about MAGIC development please click on links below: Breed Composition:      2010     , 2011     , 2012     , 2013     , 2014     , 2015      , 2016     , 2017      , 2018 List of Top 20 Sires:   2010     , 2011     , 2012     , 2013     , 2014     , 2015      , 2016     , 2017      , 2018
How it started How it started 100 days test 100 days test 1. MAGIC 50 1. MAGIC 50 2. MAGIC 25 2. MAGIC 25 3. MAGIC 3. MAGIC
Above buttons will explain how the idea to create the MAGIC breed was born, explain our selection criteria together with an easy to implement performance test for first calf heifers and our three steps system of breed creation, first in theory and then illustrated with many pictures and all our experiences. As we are just only starting our MAGIC breeding program, some pages are still under construction, please excuse the inconvenience.
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3 Steps Guide to the MAGIC Breed Development: 
After   searching   for   over   20   years   for   the   best   suited   breed   as   main   component   for   our   breeding   program   I   came   across   Gir cattle   purely   by   chance.   As   a   Bos   Indicus   breed   and   being   totally   unrelated   to   any   other   cattle   breeds   found   in   Africa   they are   the   perfect   choice   to   fully   exploit   hybrid   vigour.   “C.A.   Sansão”   the   breeds   leading   and   probably   most   expensive   sire   in the   world   (presently   about   200€   per   dose   standard   semen   and   almost   3.500€   per   dose   for   sexed   semen!)   was   the   obvious choice. In the year 2010 the idea was born to start breeding MAGIC, 2010 is the dawn for this new breed. We   will   have   many   years   to   go,   many   hurdles   to   jump   and   many   prejudices   to   overcome.   The   greatest   of   all   hurdles   will obviously   be   the   very   limited   size   of   our   herd,   but   hopefully   soon   some   more   enthusiastic   farmers   can   be   found   to   follow suit and join in our breeding effort. MAGIC    is    just    only    starting    and    formulating    breed    standards    is    ages    away    but    having    25%    to    50%    Gir    genetics    is compulsory.   “A   good   cow   has   no   colour”   and   this   should   well   be   true   for   MAGIC,   too,   but   black   should   be   avoided   nonetheless as this is the colour most prone to heat stress and tse-tse-fly attack. Our   first   MAGIC50   calves   were   born   in   August   2011   and   some   are   pictured   on   this   page.   They   are   the   most   vigorous, fastest growing and most beautiful looking lot of calves we have ever raised, and I can´t wait to see them grow up!
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