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End   of   August   2015   our   very   first   MAGIC25   heifer   calved   down.   Less   than   one   week   in   milk   and her   production   has   already   surpassed   all   other   first   calvers   we   had   this   year.   The   outlook   is   very promising indeed! All   other   MAGIC25   are   still   heifers   or   calves   so   it   really   is   much   too   early   to   give   any   definite predictions   and   impressions.   But   for   all   those   farmers   who   have   joined   in   MAGIC   breeding   here are some pictures to show you of what to expect when you either - breed your Bos Taurus (European breeds) cow with a MAGIC50  bull or - breed your MAGIC50 cow with a European breeds bull
No. 427 I/S by “ KIAN
No. 428 I/S by “ EDBO
No. 429 I/S by “ EDBO
No. 440 I/S by “ PIUHA
No. 452 X by MAGIC50 #299
No. 456 I/S by “ EDBO
No 457 I/S by “ FUTURE
No. 459 I/S by “ SIGNAL
No. 466 I/S by “ MANGFALL
No. 467 X by MAGIC50 #299
No. 473 X by MAGIC50 #299
No. 474 X by MAGIC50 #299