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The MAGIC Odyssey PART 1: Incredible News! Four   MAGIC50   bulls   have   been   promoted   to   serve   at   KAGRC,   Africa’s   largest   Bull station   which   is   located   in   Lower   Kabete,   Nairobi,   Kenya.   After   passing   through   an extended   quarantine   period   and   having   passed   all   veterinary   testing   requirements   they are   now   cleared   for   semen   collection.   Semen   will   be   availed   to   all   interested   farmers through   KAGRC’s   existing   distribution   network   which   is   spread   all   over   Kenya.   Presently only   very   limited   quantities   are   available.   The   semen   cannot   be   readily   stocked   at   all KAGRC   agents   so   please   place   your   order   well   in   advance   before   your   cows   need   to   be inseminated.   In   the   following   catalogue   you   will   find   all   details   of   the   bull’s   ancestry   and their production figures as well as a list of KAGRC distributors.  
Over   time   more   MAGIC50   bulls   from   alternate   sire   lines   will   become   available   as   well   as MAGIC25   bulls   who   could   ideally   be   used   on   all   the   daughters   sired   by   MAGIC50.   But   as mentioned   earlier,   the   idea   of   MAGIC   breeding   is   to   create   an   easy-care   profitable   cow and   this   goal   should   be   placed   before   any   strict   breeding   rules.   Every   farmer   has   his   own ideas   of   what   constitutes   the   perfect   cow   for   him,   so   ideally   choose      any   of   the   MAGIC bulls   to   achieve   this   goal   for   you!   If   you   want   to   see   what   offspring   sired   by   MAGIC50 bulls will look like please consult our MAGIC25  page. The MAGIC Odyssey PART 2: Even more Incredible News! The   four   MAGIC50   bulls   are   back   home!   It   turned   out   that   all   and   everything   was nothing   but   a   huge   misunderstanding.   Yes,   the   bulls   went   to   Nairobi   and   yes,   about   2000 doses   of   semen   were   collected.   But   it   was   the   previous   Director   of   KAGRC,   Pre-Last- General-Elections,   who   had   decided   to   bring   them   to   the   Bull   Station   so   they   could   be   of a   service   to   all   Kenyan   Farmers.   Come   new   Elections,   new   President   and   new   Directors and   Management   for   all   of   Kenya.   Everything   that   was   previously   decided,   initiated   and agreed   upon   is   down   the   drain   &   all   decision   making   &   development   starts   right   from   the bottom   again.   For   the   coming   five   years...   and   then   it   starts   all   over   again.   Long   live Democracy! So   unless   there   is   some   divine   intervention,   or   some   NGO   or   Development   Agency   to take over where Democracy has failed, MAGIC semen for all is shelved... Following   are   the   most   important   communications   between   KAGRC   (formerly   CAIS)   and us,   dating   back   to   2002   (when   New   Zealand   had   long   since   put   their   best   cross-bred bulls   to   AI   service...).   Our   last   letter   has   yet   to   receive   a   reply,   which   will   probably   not come until after the next General Elections...  Please click on the letters to enlarge for reading
MAGIC    semen    will    be    released    from KAGRC    for    sale    any    time    soon,    please place   your   orders   as   early   as   possible   to be one of the first to receive it!