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End   of   August   2015   our   very   first   “true” MAGIC   calf   was   born.   She   is   out   of   a MAGIC25   first   calf   heifer   (by   KIAN ”) and   sired   by   our   first   MAGIC25   bull   (by EDBO ”). Her breeding by breed percentages is 25% Gir 25% Scandinavian Red 23% Holstein   9% Ayrshire   7% Brown Swiss   6% MRI   4% Jersey   1% Sahiwal
With   the   exception   that   her   Bos   Indicus   proportion   is   on   the   lower   threshold   she   is   close   to perfect.   Bos   Taurus   Dairy   and   Dual   Purpose   breeds   are   almost   equally   included   in   her   genetic make-up and her colour and pigmentation is just what we are looking for, too! Immediately as we get any more MAGIC calves on the ground, more pictures will follow!