From the dry season when pastures turn to manure and dust, to early rain season when they resemble the best golf course to full rain season when they are either liquid or overgrown to a degree that sometimes it is hard to find the herd, grazing conditions are rarely perfect. Therefore supplementary feeding is necessary all year round if acceptable milk yields are aspired. Forage like pasture grass, napier grass, maize stover and leguminous trees are harvested throughout the seasons.
Coarse forage like maize stover, napier grass and fodder trees, but even overgrown pasture grass are best consumed when chopped. Wastage is exorbitant when fed whole and mixing with other feed ingredients is almost impossible. So we chop through mountains of forage daily (by Indian made chaff cutter), pictured above is the daily menu for our dairy herd... When you realize how much all your effort and hard work is appreciated, you will readily chop twice as much the next day!
If you follow the (feeding) instructions of our 100 days test page you can push your cows to the maximum production their genetic make-up, your management (disease control, cow housing and comfort, etc.) and the environment at your location (ambient day and night temperatures, humidity, etc.) allow.
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