Most harvesting is done manually, only when making silage we try to hire machinery, so the job can be completed as fast as possible (which is paramount for producing good quality silage). All year round grass is cut, chopped and fed to the dairy herd. This is fully grown pasture grass, green and dry standing hay. After the maize harvest the stover is also collected and chopped for feeding. Although this is low quality forage we try to utilize all leftovers, which usually would be burnt or left to rot. In this way we can feed many more cows than the normal carrying capacity of the land would allow. For many years we have greatly reduced the amount of bought in concentrates by utilizing often ignored forage resources. Even during the most severe drought our herd never had to suffer malnutrition. After pruning of the Mango trees the branches are also collected and dried for firewood and the leaves fed to the cows.
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