Dairy: Cow care and milking Dairy: Cow & Calves care, Milking, Security Sales: Milk and Mala Dairy: Cow care and milking Dairy: Cow care and Security Dairy: Cow care and milking Security Signatory, Financial Controller and Dairy Management.  Milk Processing and Hygiene Dairy: Cleaning. Horses and Sales: Milk Sales: Milk Dairy: Feeding and Maintenance Housekeeping, Dogs and Poultry Signatory, Public Relations and Poultry Sales: Mala Driver and Maintenance. Pictured with our faithfull 24 years old Canter Sales: Milk Ismael was killed in a tragic road accident in May 2013. His widow and half orphaned children remain with us.
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Poultry and Dogs Initiators, Veterinary advice & Honorary Consultants Dairy: Feeding
 Non Partnership Families but special mention also to:
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