Welcome to a stroll through our little picture-book Farm in Africa!     I am not a person of many words, but experience my world in pictures & numbers. This website or rather “web-book” is an invitation to you into sharing my view.      You can use this website like a picture-book, too, by navigating by below “previous”       & “next” buttons or only go through specific subjects by navigating with above bar.      Makitosha Farm originally was a farm like many others, struggling to survive in an       Agricultural environment that chronically suffers from lowest paid employment of       all industries, no support or subsidies provided by the Government,  many Laws and        Regulations that actively impair productivity and practically no supportive       Marketing or other Infrastructure. Close to collapse under this heavy load a quite      revolutionary idea was born, to form a Partnership with former farm labourers and       employees. Now all profit generated through our farming activities is equally shared       amongst all 20 participating families, and whereas formerly feeling exploited,      they now take much pride in being part of this project; taking responsibility has become a honourable thing to do and is no longer felt as a burden.       What has started off as a unique social experiment has turned into a great      success as now Makitosha Farm is managed and run by it’s former employees.       Income solely derived from agricultural activities diminishes year by year & these     days hardly makes ends meet. Despite of this we hope to survive through our       combined effort. Any external help offered would be highly appreciated non-the-less and greatly contribute to our continued success!
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