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- A Sire with fantastic production traits, superior daughter fertility and longevity - Second crop success! - Viking Red sire with the greatest number of sons and grandsons in active AI - First sire we successfully used as sexed semen From using 17 straws of sexed V Föske semen on 10 virgin heifers and 7 older cows we got a total of  10 pregnancies, which as such is quite remarkable for us (as we usually count two straws normal semen  per conception). But what is truly incredible is the distribution of the conceptions:   4 virgin heifers got pregnant 6 virgin heifers did not 2 first lactation cows got pregnant 2 second lactation cows got pregnant 1 third lactation cow got pregnant 1 fifth lactation cow did not 1 tenth lactation cow got pregnant!!! One year later and we even have a eleventh lactation cow pregnant to sexed V Föske semen!