Our multi-purpose chicken are happy to be kept in a chicken run, but will most certainly be more happy when allowed to free range. Only small chicks and very young stock are best caged as they are very prone to predation by all type of wildlife. Housing design is only limited by your imagination and constructive skills. Below a larger variety of “chicken-tractor”, which is movable and leaves a patch of ploughed and fully fertilized ground after all grass and weeds are eaten up by the chickens.
They are laying more eggs then you can possibly eat (without totally ruining your blood cholesterol values...), and can even be taught to supply your daily breakfast egg inside your kitchen. When run with a cock you can use their eggs for hatching and they are very willing brooding hens and wonderful mothers, even when fostering other chicks (below pictured with guinea fowl chicks). And last but not least, yes, you can eat them too!!!
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