Peafowl or rather adult peacocks are amongst the most beautiful animals in the world and now are kept purely for their ornamental value. They are best kept in large park-like gardens where they will mostly take care of themselves and perch on high trees overnight. Where climate or other circumstances (predation by wild animals) won’t allow this, housing might be needed. But always keep in mind that peafowl are still only semi-domesticated and will not thrive when locked inside small enclosures. Originating from India where they are holy and much revered they like hot & humid climates and much sun. Cold and moist conditions are particularly harmful for their young. Peafowl take two to three years to become sexually mature, and only when the male grows his first long tail will he be any good for breeding. The tail is shed yearly and in the moulting period he will not fertilize the hens. So usually the hen will only manage to raise one batch of chicks per year (approximately 3 to 5 chicks). Hens have a plain brown coloured plumage to hide them from predators during their brooding and rearing period. The young resemble peahens in colour until almost one year old.
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