Wooden box for a broody hen to hatch her eggs. With lid to close for training of young hens. Compost heap made of  small trees Round wooden bench built around a tree in itīs shade Removable birbed wire fencing Self-lock gate Pulley made from an electric fence insulator Trees in pots as movable fence/barrier fencing wire reel (can also be used for hose pipes) Tightening nylon strapping Gate in birbed wire fence Build in steps to prevent road washout Movable goat house Self-lock gate Feeder for feeding roughage to pastured cattle Easily pulled movable electric fencing European style storage of firewood, medium sized pieces Wooden bench that is termite proof Feed trough rail for goats to reduce feed wastage European style storage of firewood, ready for use Wooden bench that is termite proof European style storage of firewood, whole trees and large logs Sulky for horses or ponies Chicken feeder made from a water bottle Ox-cart for all farm transport Ox-cart for grass or other fodder Movable chicken run Compost heap build with small wall to avoid spillage Feedtrough rail for cattle to reduce feed wastage Tree nursery in shallow water pond Cattle, goats or camel bells Kenyan style storage of firewood Chicken feeding trays made from waste-water pipes What was left after somebody dropped a burning cigarette.... Please click on photos for more detail: These are practical ideas or designs for livestock keepers. Almost all are home made and any number of design variations or improvements can be incorporated. Often only waste, scrap or low-cost materials have been used! How best to store firewood??? Compost making, tree planting and road building techniques. For everyday use and nice farm bench designs that can be home made. Fencing made easy!
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