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From the tree nursery and tree seedling to the planted and growing tree we try to involve all inhabitants of  Makitosha Farm including our children and even visitors in sharing responsibility, the pride of success and joy  of seeing trees grow. We never cut down a life tree and for every tree that dies a natural (old age) or  accidental (storm or floods) death we try to replant 20 young trees, taking into account that certainly not all  will grow to full size. Trees are life! Overgrown and aged Mango trees are often cut down and uprooted as they are no longer productive. We have  developed a technique of radically pruning aged Mango trees. The leaves are used as fodder for the dairy herd,  the branches dried for use as firewood and the remaining tree will regrow within a year and return to a fully  productive state in 3 to 4 years. Below one row of trees is pictured after being pruned in the dry season and  look at them half a year later! All  previously unproductive Mango trees can be rejuvenated & saved!