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Once, upon a time...
Judge ME by WHO my best friends are
My Sister “Regine”
My Mother “Mutti”
There was a child, highly skilled at communicating with all beings, except her own tribe...
And Ever After...
As it was, still it is and will always remain.
Back to This & That Back to This & That
My Father “Pappi”
My Family
My Professional Life
YES, you guessed right, I never got that job...
Viking Genetics once advertised for an International Reporter for their news- letter, website and other publications. This is the ONE & ONLY job application I ever wrote....
Like the mantle of a pressure lamp, once silken but now plain ash, gray & unpretentious prior to having been lit. But when ignited burning bright & hot and able to light YOUR way through the dark tunnel of ignorance. But dare to touch or hold onto me  You might burn YOUR fingers and thereby instantly turn me into what I truly am the dust that blows over the plains
My Personal Life
Look no further, can’t be found. Asperger Sydrome has defined my life as it is. Made all this possible but has cost me all human companionship and friends. An incredible gift, makes the sky the limit alone. But hidden to all those who can’t see beyond my impersonality.