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First entry here is dedicated to my Auntie Paula from Canada, who, together with her friends has spent many hours knitting cotton wash-clothes for kids in Africa.
Second entry as our gratitude to the most friendly customs official, who didn’t insist on enforcing §§§ and looked the other way when our milk centrifuge from the Ukraine had to pass through EU territory on its long way to Malindi.
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Mrs. Abu with Abdalla, Omar, Abubakar, Amin, Ibrahim, Mazud and Bilal donating food, sweets and beautiful clothing for our children. Our heartfelt gratitude to THEM!
Mr. Fadhil Mbarak Namoya A very special friend who has helped us a lot in official matters and donated some AI equipment & bovine genetics.
Sometimes a small gift or gesture can be priceless and valued more than a monetary donation. Although we wouldn’t really know, as we haven’t got much experience with the latter...