Makitosha Farm is legally run as a Registered Partnership of the same name and taxed and treated otherwise as any other business. All that has been achieved is through our own effort and the help and assistance of some few well-wishers and sponsors and in particular through the great support we have received over the years from our customers of Makitosha Farm produce, poultry and livestock. A million thanks to you all! We have never received any support from NGOs or International Organizations or other development aid. Having to follow all compulsory business rules and regulations does cause us great expenses and inconveniences, as sometimes we might not have known certain regulations that might apply to us, with very costly and harmful consequences. Individual income derived from the Partnership has never exceeded the Income Tax Relief bracket, nevertheless we occur great expenses having to follow all the bookkeeping, auditing and tax filing regulations that apply to any other business. We would therefore greatly appreciate any help that could be afforded to us in respect of legal assistance and otherwise to: a) Making Makitosha Farm a Foundation (and/or Trust?) b) Acquiring the legal status of “Non-Profit-Making”
We have tried very hard to avoid mistakes, whether faulty spelling, grammar, wrong use of language or simple typing errors. Nevertheless we are only human and therefore will greatly appreciate any help offered to correct mistakes that were done.
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